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Lightening and electricity
Full package


We provide the sophisticated systems DVCAM / HDV, we currently innovate our digital service, we are the expertise.

Tripods & Support

    - Tripod with dolly.
    - DVRig Pro: We provide fixing link service.
    - Stabilizer Systems.
    - Crane & Jib
    It is the most desirable for the customers; it is used for internal and external video shots. So, we fix the wide angle lens, we provide it with the technical name Camera2.

Live Video Show

    - With cable
    High quality wires, from German & American technology competent companies.
    -Short routing link
    Wireless live connection within an area of 100 m2. This product is manufactured by the IDX Company, which we represent as agent in Libya.
    - long distance with Link XP
    Wireless live connection within an area of 3000 m3. We can use that device from highest areas, eg: Helicopter. This product is specified for concerts.


    - Plasma screens
    50-42 " can be used for such purposes; show.
    - big screens
    we have the biggest screens Projectors
    - Video distribution
    It provides the high quality picture, and that would be persuasive for our customers to have the highest quality video signal.


Editing software is capable of editing both SD and HD content in real time, however the system requirements for real-time HD editing are significantly higher than for SD editing.


    - Negative photograph
    We have a variety of cameras with lenses, wide angle, filters set
    - Digital photography
    A variety of cameras with devices and accessories for professional using.


    - Wireless system for Video cam recorders.
    - Sound system for Meeting rooms
    - Speakers for in & out use
    - Wireless Microphones
    - The origin of our equipments: Yamaha, Sennheiser, Sony.

Lighting and electricity

    - LED Lighting
    - Lighting for Video
    - Spot Light
    - Colored Light kit.
    - Light Stands
    - Bright light kit: it give the clear view for the picture.
    - Trollies
    - Generator
    - Set of wires, cables, adaptors and connectors.

Full package

It is our competent technique that we provide exclusively in our country, so, it present the ultimate technique we provide during these last years.
It is most wanted by customers that need it in live events and concerts.
Outside Broadcast Van

    - It is provided by the newest technical equipments, it is a Control room.
    It has a very simple controlling and connecting system that enable to e execute the work without complication.
    - We have a cable drums to facilitate the wiring.
    - 4 cameras connected to wires.
    - 1 camera link
    - 1 camera crane
    - We are able to connect with 40 screens from OP Van.
    - Hard drive for recording, with a capacity of 18 hours of recordings.
    - Character Generator
    - Spot light
    - Electricity generator.
    - Set of wires, cables, adaptors and connectors.
    - Digital photos.
    - Staff
    Directors, Sound engineer, Lighting engineer, Camera Setup Technical, recording, Wiring technical, Cameramen, Assistants and Outside Installation Unit Manager.
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