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Data Sheet .Dual NP Battery Holder with V-Mount; Supports Digi-View
V-Mount connection or gold mount attachment provide specific mounting choices for this dual battery system.
Price: 760 LYD    (New)
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Dual NP Battery Holder with Digi-View
Double equipment power capacity with the NH-201--our dual NP-style battery holder. The NH-201 can also support IDX’s Digi-View function when using the NP-L7.
Price: 700 LYD    (New)
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Single NP Battery Holder
Battery holder for direct mounting on the rear of the camera, or connection to a variety of portable broadcast equipment.
Price: 170 LYD    (New)
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Single NP Battery Holder with V-Mount
Select either mounting choices to connect a single NP-style battery directly to various video sources.
Price: 390 LYD    (New)
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2-Channel Sequential NP Quick Charger with AC Power Supply Adaptor (60W DC)

The JL-2PLUS will sequentially charge both Li-ion and Ni-Cd NP-style batteries. It will charge the first battery connected to either channel, automatically charging the second battery after the first is fully charged. With the advantage of an integrated 4-pin XLR DC (60W@ 13.8V) power supply, additional equipment such as lighting and other ancillary equipment can also be safely powered when the charge function is not in use. Its' multiple chemistry charging capability makes the JL-2PLUS the perfect charger for Ni-Cd users to upgrade to Li-ion technology.
Price: 870 LYD    (New)
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68Wh NP-Style Lithium Ion Battery
The NP-L7S is the economical choice for an NP-style battery. The NP-L7S is the economical choice for an NP-style battery. With high reliability and a long life cycle, the NP-L7S features an integrated 3 step LED power indicator to display the battery capacity status.
Price: 320 LYD    (New)
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Cable for use with Panasonic HPX170/HVX200/DVX100B series
Price: 175 LYD    (New)
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Charge Cable Adaptor for VAL-4Si Charger
The C-VAL2E charge cable adaptor allows additional ENDURA batteries to be charged on the VAL-4Si charger. Four C-VAL2E cable adaptors are included as a standard accessory with the VAL-4Si.
Price: 100 LYD    (New)
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Battery Adaptor
The unique ergonomics of this V-Mount battery adaptor features dual ENDURA batteries connected in a parallel position and delivering high capacity power in a small profile. Two ENDURA ELITE batteries supply up to 272Wh and its mounting flexibility allows operator mobility without compromising their power needs. The lower battery compartment has the additional capability of Digi-View for monitoring the power level in the camera viewfinder.
Price: 1100 LYD    (New)
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Adaptor to charge ENDURA batteries on IDX NP Chargers
The C-NP2E cable interface allows ENDURA batteries to be charged on existing IDX Li-ion NP-style chargers.
Price: 400 LYD    (New)
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