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Baha Bara participates in ( Dvexpo los Angeles) by an invitation by ( IDX) America in los Angleles.
DV shows the digital T.V equipments....
Date : 04-11-2008
los angeles meeting
Mr. bara was meet with the general managerof sales\markting IDX US
Has been opened new horizons in the American market
And consultation and the development of the final points...
Date : 03-11-2008
Beijing 2008
3B video service carried out a career under the title the Libyan par Olympic delegation participation Beijing the year 2008.
it was 10 persons . ( the participation was calculated in the two...
Date : 06-09-2008
Damas London
In cooperation with (Mr. Assd Alzawee) Director of Damas, London Branch.
our filming (Wedding clip). .
Mr. Assd has ben 3B assistance and to show Libyan...
Date : 24-08-2008
Wedding clip
3B carried out the implementation of " wedding clip "
In London in response to the desire of bride.
The Scenes have been taken in several places in the city of London the clip was...
Date : 23-08-2008
Rami Dernawi in London.
M. Dernawi
headed a meeting in suburbs of the city of London . to sign contract between
3B video service, and IDX company , with attendance of Baha Baha as...
Date : 18-06-2008
The first private Outside Broadcast Van
The documentary (ANSAF AL MALLAEKA2 ) carried out the narration of events of the participation of the Libyan special Olympic mission in Shanghai the year 2007.
It's first showing was on the 3rd of may...
Date : 03-05-2008
The Libyan Satellite Channel
The Libyan Satellite Channel the Libyan par – Olympic committee and 3B video service have agreed that the calculated show for documentary " ANSAF AL MALLAEKA 2 on the Liban satellite channel which showed it...
Date : 10-04-2008
Ibc Amsterdam
ibc is the first Exhibition in the world of T.V equipments in Session the year 2007.
In visit us for the 2nd time a private company from Libya to attend the show for...
Date : 07-09-2007
The maximum figure in Libya participation history
the most figure in Libya participation history in the Olympic media- mission for the Libyan delegation in Shanghai the year 2007.
5 people from the center
Talal Hasan Farhat audio " technician"...
Date : 20-08-2007
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