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NAB Las Vegas

The huge and the first in the world for the media exhibition
3B as the adman for the IDX Libya by the invitation of several American companies who compete to inter...
Date : 22-04-2009
Washington DC
In his washington DC office the chairman of the special olymbics Mr ( Timothy Shriver) met with Mr (BAHA BARA) who is formally charged by the libyan chairman of the special olymbics Mr (kHALED RGAIBY)....
Date : 13-04-2009
Tamader London

Langley London)
IDX company;
Miss (tomadher addabaa) the director of london branch,Mr (rob waters) the IDX european sales director,and Mr (BAHA BARA)the technical director of...
Date : 06-04-2009
Our moon lighting
Date : 09-03-2009

providinf support for the people with special needs in the sector of struggler gaza.
the libyan paralympics committee has donated 1000 wheelchairs.
it is the honor of BAHAAEDDIN video services to participate for...
Date : 17-01-2009
The 55 Medals

(55) Necklace of the title of the Tv, which was filmed in Abu Dhabi by the three cameras have been editing and directing the center in Tripoli.
Was organized in...
Date : 04-01-2009
Ahmed Left
Ahmed Khalid Baara, Camera man No. 5 in our center joined us in 2002.
He covered several activities in and outside Libya.
The last activity was the accompanying of the Libyan mission for Olympics in...
Date : 16-12-2008
Abu Dhabi
In Abu Dhabi for the 2nd time 3B Video Services covers the activities of the Libyan mission participating in the 6th session for the Olympiad for the middle east and North Africa.
The event...
Date : 14-11-2008
San Francisco
The meeting between M.Baha Bara and Mr. Elex the manager of sales for all pro solution company in the united states was in SAN Fransesco.
It was a greet on granting the calculated agency...
Date : 05-11-2008
Ala Bara ( The center director general )
and M. Hobba ( camera man).
Travel to Tunisia to document the events of the training camp for special needs . after...
Date : 04-11-2008
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